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Awareness & Sensation

Musician Health: Welcome

Private Musician Health sessions with Zoe Schlussel M.M., G.C. Trained in Body Mapping and musician ergonomics, Zoe has helped numerous clients recover from and prevent playing-related injury. All instruments, all levels, and even non musicians welcome. We can all benefit from more understanding about how to move in a healthy way, leading to reduced pain and injury.

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Zoe Schlussel is the musician health specialist at Alasdair Fraser's Sierra Fiddle Camp and runs her own teaching business, helping musicians of all backgrounds heal from and prevent playing-related injuries. Zoe is in the final stages of training for her Body Mapping license where she has trained in Body Mapping with Lisa Marsh and violin specialist Jennifer Johnson. She has over six years of experience with her own intensive injury recovery and has been working to help others recover from and prevent injuries ever since. 

Master of Music, Violin: Western Michigan University 

Graduate Certificate, Violin: Portland State University 

Bachelor of Music, Violin: University of the Pacific Conservatory

Zoe Schlussel private lessons violin, fiddle, musician health, ergonomics, injury prevention for mus
Musician Health: About Us


Playing-related injury and pain come from prolonged, unaddressed tension, both in the body and mind. We will learn how to develop awareness of these tensions and how to access the sensations of release that allow us to move and play freely. If you have ever had tension or pain while playing, deal with stress around practice or performance, want to learn how to prevent future injuries, or are just curious to learn about musician health, this work is for you.  

If we can be aware of the state we are in and know how to access the state we want to be in, then we can choose our state of being. This work is about noticing habits, patterns, assumptions, and stories that are harmful and learning how to reprogram or release them, both in body and mind. 

Musician Health: About Us
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1 Hour Sessions

Full Price: $90

Financial Need Prices: $80, $70 

1.5 Hour Sessions 


30 Minute Trial Session 


Weekly 1 hour+ sessions are recommended for the first month.

After that, we will discuss what we think will best serve your goals and needs. 

I care deeply about helping people play, move, and live with as much pain-free freedom as possible, so I offer a few different prices. Please be honest about what you can afford.

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Lessons offered Online or  
In Person in Portland, OR


To get started with sessions, please fill out the above registration form. This provides helpful information prior to your first lesson. 

If you have any questions, please reach out.

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Before our first lesson, please review the Musician Health Sessions Agreement. A signed copy of this agreement needs to be on file before our first session. You can send a PDF or sign in person at the lesson.

Please reach out with any questions. 

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Please bring to your first session

A notebook for session notes. 

A recording device if you would like to record the lesson for at-home reference. 

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